Boone NC Apartments

Searching for Boone NC apartments that are close to the campus of Appalachian and Caldwell Community college? Each of the complexes and Boone NC apartments that we own and/or manage are conveniently located very close to both campuses. Each is convenient to downtown Boone, North Carolina and the areas of King Street, River Street, and Water Street. Getting around other locations throughout town including Watauga Memorial Hospital, and the shopping centers in town are easy as well. All of our Boone NC apartments are located on the AppalCart route, and most feature their own AppalCart shelter.

Affordable rental properties in Boone are hard to find when you are searching for Boone NC apartments. There are several newer developments under way and newly opened, but they come with strange contracts and astronomical rent prices, not to mention most all are suites created for large groups of students to live together. Our Boone NC apartments are ideal for students that are looking for 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units and efficiencies. A few of our spaces, such as the Echota condo, are optimal for graduate students looking to live some distance from campus, yet still be close enough to school, and the other amenities of living in town.

We hope that you consider our Boone NC apartments as potential living spaces for you while you are in school at Appalachian State University or Caldwell Community College – Watauga campus. You can find out more about the amenities of each of the complexes by clicking to the information on our website. Contact us to fill out a quick application, and find out about how much rent costs per unit or tenant.